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Our Policies


To the best of our knowledge, we sell tubers that are disease free and true to form.  We guarantee that a tuber will have a live eye, will be in planting condition and will be correctly named.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to store tubers properly prior to planting (see Dahlia Care for more information).  Additionally, we cannot control weather or poor gardening practices that might have an adverse impact on the growth and health of your dahlias.


Please contact us prior to August 1st of the current growing season if you are not satisfied.  Depending on the circumstances, we may offer a refund and/or a replacement tuber the following year.  If the tuber you received did not sprout despite proper care and conditions, or is not the cultivar you ordered, we will offer a refund or to replace your tuber the following year.

Substitutions & Refunds

It is our policy to only offer refunds when the product you order is not available (or as specified in our Guarantee policy). In the event we sell out of one of your choices before your order is filled, we will refund your money.

Shipping Information

We will ship tubers to the continental U.S. and Hawaii only.  All tubers are shipped by USPS Priority Mail.  

There is a $25 minimum for all orders, not including shipping fees.  

Cost of Shipping:

  • 1-10 tubers $12.50

  • 11-20 tubers $17.50

  • Orders over $200 Free shipping

Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  All orders will ship after April 1, from south to north, in the order received.  We will email you when your order has shipped.  No order will ship unless payment has been received.  

Orders are accepted until June 1 unless otherwise sold out.


 208 Mechanic Street

Camden, Maine 04843

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