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Welcome to Dooryard Dahlias,
the new home of Endless Summer Flower Farm!

Your source for high quality dahlia tubers and fresh cut dahlia blooms.

Dooryard Farm is delighted to announce our purchase of Endless Summer Flower Farm’s dahlia business. After 25 years, Phil and Karen Clark, founding owner-operators, are retiring. But their dahlias are staying local! We are now growing them at our farm, located just down the road from Phil and Karen. You can find Dooryard Farm Dahlias at 208 Mechanic Street, Camden, Maine.


Open to the public:


Saturday, August 12 through Saturday, October 14

(Closed Saturday, October 7)


The Dahlia Season

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The Dahlia Season:


  • Peak season for dahlia blooms begins in early August and runs into October.

  • The dahlia field will open to the public beginning in August 12. See below for details.

  • Fresh cut dahlia blooms will be available for sale at our farmstand. Or email us to order flowers for your special event.

  • Order your dahlia tubers for 2024 planting! Our web store will open for online ordering in August, or you can place your order in person when you visit!


Visiting the Fields

Visiting the Fields


The dahlia field will be open to the public this year on the following days: 


Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9am-12noon

Saturday, August 12 through Saturday, October 14

(Closed Saturday, October 7)




Our address is 208 Mechanic Street in Camden.  You will see our Dooryard Farm sign. Please pull down past the farmstand and follow signs for parking. Please do not park at the farmstand unless you are shopping, as our parking there is very limited.


Once you park, you will be walking approximately 300 yards through our farm, following signs to the dahlia field.  PLEASE USE CAUTION: This is a working farm, with uneven ground and changes in elevation.  Please take care to avoid equipment, debris, or other obstacles that may be in your path. Wear sturdy shoes suitable for walking, and please stay on the paths/road.  


Once you are at the dahlia field, you are welcome (encouraged!) to walk through the rows and amongst the dahlias.  Again, please be cautious of uneven ground.  Please do not pick or cut any flowers. There will be bouquets for sale, as well as order forms for ordering your tubers for 2024 planting. 


We look forward to your visit!   





We know the current arrangement will mean that the dahlia field is not accessible to all this year.  We are working hard to create a larger parking area adjacent to the dahlia field for easier access, and expect it to be open for visitors in 2024.  We apologize to those of you who may be unable to access the field this year, and hope we will see you in 2024!

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About Dooryard Farm

A little about Dooryard Farm:


We are a small family-run farm, founded in 2013 in Camden, Maine. We are proudly certified organic by MOFGA and grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. You can find our crops - now including dahlias! - at our farmstand, as well as many local restaurants.

2023 is a big year for our farm. We are expanding our farmstand, to include increased parking and easier access to the dahlia field. This larger farmstand and expanded parking will be open in 2024. In the meantime, if you visit us this year, you can enjoy a stroll through the farm on your way to the dahlia field.

We look forward to seeing you amongst the flowers and at the farmstand!

Please email us at for dahlia inquires.


Marina Sideris & Cooper Funk

Dooryard Farm


 208 Mechanic Street

Camden, Maine 04843

Contact Us

© 2021 Dooryard Farm

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