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Apprenticeship and Full-time and part-time field crew positions
at Dooryard Farm in Camden

*currently accepting applications for 2024 positions*


Dooryard Farm is a small family-run farm serving the Camden-Rockland area. Founded in 2013, we grow a diversity of vegetable crops and raise a few animals. We are proudly MOFGA certified organic and dedicated to an ecological approach to agriculture where our primary goal is building and maintaining soil fertility. We utilize a combination of tractor-scale and hand-scale growing methods. Roughly half of our sales are from an on-site farm stand with the remainder from local direct marketing to restaurants, coops, etc.


Our crew helps us care for our land and animals, operate a financially sustainable business and provide our community with fresh, local, delicious nutritious produce. Our positions are seasonal and we typically accept applications from November to March (or until filled) for positions that run from April/May to October/November.


Apprentices are primarily employed in all aspects of vegetable production and marketing, although some opportunities are available to work with the livestock if desired. Instruction and training will be provided by working directly with the farmer. In addition to farming skills, time will be taken for instruction in topical subjects (ie soil science, fertility, botany, etc).

The overwhelming requirement for this position is the true desire and motivation to learn to farm. The work is hard and long and requires self-motivation and commitment to realize the mostly intangible rewards of this lifestyle. Any prior farm experience or additional skills (ie carpentry) are a big plus but not required.

Housing is provided, consisting of 3 small buildings (bedroom - fabulous view!, kitchen/living space, bathroom/shower). These are small but comfortable and have running water and electricity. A car (for personal use) is recommended and if you don’t have access to a car, a bike is strongly encouraged to run errands, get off the farm, etc.

Hourly positions


  • *MOST IMPORTANT* An active interest in farming, working outside and growing food. This may sound obvious, but farming can be difficult and tedious. A personal motivation for the work is required to get through the ups and downs of a full season.

  • Attention to detail, efficiency and ongoing improvement while performing repetitive tasks

  • Willingness to take both direction and initiative

  • Proactive, honest and constructive communication about work-related information and personal needs

  • Ability to do strenuous work outside in all weather conditions and lift heavy items

  • Reliability and punctuality

  • A positive attitude and a sense of humor and purpose

  • A commitment for the full season


Employees are paid based on position, experience, and the farm's budget.


If interested, please provide a note about why you want to work on our farm, a resume and 2 references. If you have questions about working on the farm or future positions, please contact us at cooper(at)

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